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Updates to Advertise Hotel

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Updates to Advertise Hotel

Post by Ninja on Wed Sep 22, 2010 6:27 pm

Ok, many new changes are coming and have arrived to Advertise Hotel. Advertise Hotel now has a new navbar but this might change shortly if i find something better, we have New "New Topic, Post Reply, Locked" buttons now.
New smilies are being added, also this is really important.
AH Points are now renamed to "Tokens" instead of AH.
You can now choose your forum version which will be shown on your profile and as suggested by one of our members we now have the text in the ranks half coloured for the staff team, example:
Also your gender is now on your profile as it was not before.

Please note Site AD is now removed as it was to large for the page and made Advertise Hotel look un - neat, all requesters have been re funded with the correct amount of tokens.


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